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Fill your room with wild flames

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The Flamed Diffuser is designed to

Moms with kids

We understand how you care about your children, and offer you a humidifier that will help maintain optimum humidity levels, as well as improve their well-being

Gamers and people working remotely

You may experience unpleasant symptoms such as burning and dry eyes, insomnia from prolonged computer use. To cope with these problems a humidifier will help to maintain humidity and a pleasant fragrance (With the addition of aromatic oils) in the room, striking its mesmerizing appearance.

Those who want to relax with aromatherapy

Fill your room with your favorite aromas and arrange aromatherapy from the comfort of your home with the humidifier "Flamed diffuser", which will conquer you with its resemblance to the fireplace.

Those who care about their home

Built-in air purification system, protection of books and wood furniture, the feeling of a real fireplace - all these will give you "Flamed Diffuser".